The first thing you need to do before starting a small business is determining its startup costs first. Startup costs may vary depending on how huge your business is. To help you with that, listed below are seven tips to fully utilize your startup costs in its full potential.

Consider the Rental Space

Small businesses often use their homes as a workspace for a while. However, as the business grows, it’s time to consider getting a rental space. This is essential if you’re running a restaurant or retail stores where large areas come into play.

Other business also needs larger spaces as their employee count increases as well. The cost of a rental space can vary depending on your preference and the size of the area itself. That’s why it’s ideal to carefully select which one suits for your business and budget.


An inventory is a crucial part of a business. The success of a small business lies in its inventory that’s why you need to opt for a good negotiable price to save yourself and your business from trouble.


Franchising comes with fees to pay that will add up to your startup cost. Charges will also vary depending on the business you want to franchise. Ranging from dollars for small businesses, and up to millions for larger and well-known ones.

Business Licenses is a Must

In some cities, the government will require you to get a business license before you can start. A little chit chat with your authorities is a must, so you will know how much you’ll pay for a business license within your area.

Advertising & Marketing Fees

The secret for a successful business is by effectively advertising and marketing it. However, it can be costly, so you need to consider checking on into this one if it suits your budget. Of course, the cost of advertising will also vary on the type of advertising medium you’ve choosen ranging from social media down to billboards.

Online Presence

And speaking of social media, for your business to gain traction, you need to have an online presence as well. This means building a website, or a Facebook account for that matter. Purchasing a domain will add up to your startup cost as well as promoting your business on your Facebook page.

Your Own Payroll

You may be thinking, where the hell does payroll fit in for your startup costs? Even if you don’t have employees just yet, you need to consider your OWN salary for your startup cost. Decide how much you want to pay for yourself and increase it once your business grows.