Lighting is crucial in any industrial setting. You’ll want to make sure that your factory, manufacturing plant, or warehouse is equipped with heavy-duty lighting fixtures. You want your lighting to be reliable and safe so that it can provide an ideal working environment for your employees. Since not just any lighting fixture will do, you’ll want to look into the different types of industrial lighting fixtures that you can fit into your premises.

The role that lights play in any industrial setting is crucial. When proper fixtures are installed, they can contribute to enhanced output while also maintaining your workplace safety in the process. With proper lighting, you need to worry about employees bumping into corners, stepping on tools, slipping on the floor and such other work-related injuries and accidents that could easily be avoided if the setting was properly lit.

There are plenty of lighting fixture types for you to choose from. From magnification lights, LED, fluorescent, halogen lighting, to incandescent lights among others, your choices are aplenty.

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You just need to see to it that the fixtures you choose will be appropriate for the specific working environment they will be used for. Below are different types of industrial lighting fixtures you need to consider.

Types of Industrial Lighting Fixtures to Consider


These are fixtures ideal for industries that are prone to explosions including steel, marine, transportation, and mining among others. These industries require lighting fixtures that can withstand pressures and heat caused by explosions. Explosion-proof lighting may be a bit pricey but this is mainly because they are manufactured to meet some of the industry’s stringent quality codes.

Indoor Fixtures

These lights are ideally installed in indoor workspaces including workstations, bays, and workshops. Before buying these types of lighting fixtures, people are advised to first contact the supplier to ensure that their specific indoor working environment lighting requirements are taken into account. iDISRUPTED notes that it’s necessary for these lighting systems to withstand the specific working conditions in the respective areas they will be affixed to.

Roadway Fixtures

These industrial lighting fixtures are ideal for setting where high mast light is necessary. Safety is crucial in roads and providing the necessary lighting fixture to illuminate these areas at night will help save the lives of motorists that will be traveling through.  What’s great with roadway lighting fixtures is that the amount of light they generate can be controlled so they can be dimmed or brightened, depending on the time of the day that they are in use.

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These fixtures are perfect for sports ground and other similar settings. Spectators in open spaces like arenas and sports complexes aren’t able to enjoy the games without the proper lighting fixtures present. Floodlights are ideal for illuminating the grounds and making sure that every move of the players will be easily seen by the spectators.

Lighting for Hazardous Locations

Hazardous settings like mining fields, nuclear plants, oil rigs, and even underwater operations will require top-quality lighting fixtures that are failure-free. Ideally, regular lighting fixtures will not work in these places. For these settings, failure-free, top-quality lighting is what you’ll need.

When choosing industrial lighting fixtures, the focus on the quality of the lighting is more important than anything. Reliability and safety are two things you can ever compromise as far as your workplace is concerned. A good understanding of your lighting requirements will help ensure that you’ll make the right decision.