Believe it or not, if you want to boost up your business, then you should probably take a look at Bulgaria. The country has been the staple for small businesses as it offers a wide variety of benefits for people who wants to boost their business.

Starting your company in Bulgaria is as easy as signing up an application form online. Once done, you will be then requested to create a Bulgarian bank account as well as other few documents to comply. And after that, you are now ready and set to start your business in Bulgaria.

So what’s with all the fuzz about starting your business in a country like Bulgaria? Let’s have a look at it down below.

The Benefits of Opening a Business in Bulgaria

  1. To start, Bulgaria is located where it can have easy access to both European and Asian countries. Which means making it easier to make transactions and find deals, as well as getting materials between the two neighboring countries.
  2. Second, Bulgaria’s tax benefits really put other countries taxes to shame. The benefits cover almost everything, including low corporate tax, income tax, low personal tax, and flat tax rates. Additionally, thanks to its small business opening fee, entrepreneurs will surely enjoy building their business in this country.
  3. Bulgaria doesn’t have strict rules and conditions. Which means that every entrepreneur, no matter the race and nationality, can enjoy the benefits of starting their business there. The best part, it’s fast without any hassle.
  4. Among all the places that are sanctioned by Europe, Bulgaria has the most secure banking system of them all. So you would never have to worry about the profit you’re gaining from your business when you’re banking in Bulgaria. Aside from that, their e-banking is also secured as well, ensuring that there is less financial risk even online.
  5. Bulgaria has myriads of skilled workforce wherever you go. So whenever you start a business in the country, make sure to gather enough of this workforce to make your dreams come true as a successful and professional businessperson.

When it comes to fees, you need to prepare a total of 983 euros that covers everything ranging from the registration forms down to your company’s documents. There are also skilled agents that can help you as well but may require you to pay a little bit more to cater to your needs.


Business opportunities are blooming in Bulgaria, and there’s nothing better than starting your dreams and turn it into a reality in the said country. Low taxes, affordable labor costs, profit galore, what’s not to love? Investing in Bulgaria is just one click away so start yours now.